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Who we are

We are artists at heart and we believe in responsible fashion. Art and Fashion has the power to start a conversation, creates revolutions, influence people and their mind to change the world for good. So, here we are expressing our creativity through I Wear Me. One T-shirt at a time

Inspired by Art
Organic Cotton
Ethical & Fairtrade
Earth Loving

Our Mission

At I Wear Me, our mission is to make Organic Cotton, People’s first choice. 

When more and more people are able to switch to organic clothing we encourage farmers and factories to switch to organic too resulting in increased supply, popularity and in turn fair pricing. 

Let’s say NO to conventional and fast fashion and make way for a greener world together.

From Artist to a Changemaker

Meet Hina, a graphic designer and a photographer at heart. Hina holds the fort at I Wear Me. She enjoys the process of screen prints, textures and is a follower of Indian craft. Say hi to her at hina@iwearme.in