Art is addictive. Art is beautiful. Art is love. It takes over you and never fails to surprise - taking forms so diverse that are often never imagined. I Wear Me t-shirts are a celebration of art. It is for that passionate set of people who see design all around them. It is an expression of the wearer’s passion for creativity. As a design led brand,
I Wear Me aims to bring a sense of art into the fashion for today’s youth.


Celebrating the ‘I’

‘I’ stands for individuality. It stands for independence. It’s about owning the freedom of being oneself. I Wear Me values the ‘I’ in every customer. We believe you are unique, and that is what we aim to reflect through our t-shirts - not only your passion for art but also your individuality.

You & Us

As lover’s of art, we at I Wear Me would like to meet and be associated with people who share the same passion. Through I Wear Me, we aim to build not customers, but relationships - a community of art lovers and create experiences that go beyond buying and selling (the usual business).



Art Changes Life

100% Organic Cotton T-shirts

Art matters, like never before. Its present everywhere. In what we see, what we use and what we experience. Art has the power to changes lives and lifestyles. It has the power to change the environment we live in. It helps build confidence. It can save. Art has an enormous power to influence how we engage with our world. It was with this principle that I Wear Me was founded. I Wear Me aspires to be a strong art-led brand - with the aim of encouraging art and portraying it through distinct and attractive t-shirts. We believe art can change life. How? Our t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton which is fair trade certified - manufactured through eco-friendly and sustainable production processes - ensuring everyone involved in their making, i.e. farmers, workers, etc., get fair a price for their produce. In turn, our customers are purchasing products that are eco-friendly and visually appealing. It is our constant endeavour to keep the environment in mind while carrying out our activities. This is life at I Wear Me and this is why we believe art changes life.