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Sustainability is a belief. A belief to create an ecosystem where cotton farmers, craftsmen, factory workers, brands, designers and You can come together
to make an Eco-conscious choice when producing and buying fashion. Learn how we create sustainability and responsible clothing.

Organic cotton farming in India

Organic = Happy Farmers

Imagine a world where brands produce fashion responsibly.
Imagine a world where consumers buy fashion responsibly.

With responsible fashion, we will be able to encourage more and more stakeholders in the supply chain to adopt this change. A cotton farmer would be empowered to adopt Organic cotton farming which is far more inexpensive and doesn’t require humongous amount of harmful chemicals to grow them. By switching to Organic cotton, our farmers will be saved from getting into high debts which would otherwise result in loss of his land.

Organic and Sustainable Fabrics

Organic cotton is grown using non GMOs ( Genetically Modified Oganisms seeds.) It’s grown using natural fertilizers and without the use of toxic chemicals. No toxins means healthier soils, no usage of artificial seeds means less wastage of water. It’s also cheaper and economical to produce Organic cotton which means lesser debts taken by farmers which in turn means happier farmer families. Organic cotton is good for everyone – the farmer, the environment and you. :)

Our clothing is made from 100% GOTs Certified Organic Cotton, sourced from some of India’s largest Organic cotton growing co-operatives. We also work with other sustainable fabrics mixes like Bamboo, Hemp, Lenzing Modal® and Tencel® and Linen

Sustainable and organic cotton fabrics
GOTS approved screen printing

GOTS Certified Dyeing & Printing

Colors are integral to fashion. For us, it’s important that we engage with dyeing houses who are committed to the environment and uses GOTS certified dyes that has lower ecological impact.

We love the idea of natural colors and are constantly innovating on how we could switch to using 100% natural colors in future. Our printing standards are also GOTs certified where we use only water based pigments to create beautiful prints.

Fairtrade Certified Factories

We believe that everyone in the process of producing sustainable clothing deserves a fair and right price for their produce, craftmanship and hard work.

We’re committed to this belief and hence we partner with factories that are Fairtrade certified and hold ethics at the core of their business.

Fairtrade means a guaranteed fair price and wages to farmers and factory workforce. A safe and healthy working environment and most importantly ensure zero child labor. Lets build a greener, safer future together.

Custom Organic Cotton Tshirts Fairtrade factories