For the love of Art 

Art is addictive. Art is beautiful. Art is love. It takes over you and never fails to surprise - taking forms so diverse that are often never imagined. I Wear Me t-shirts are a celebration of creative expressions through art. I Wear Me values the ‘I’ in every customer. We believe you are unique, and that is what we aim to reflect through our t-shirts - not only your passion for art but also your individuality. As a design led brand, I Wear Me aims to bring a sense of art into the fashion for today’s youth. Read more

Join our design community

As art lovers, we at I Wear Me are always on a lookout to  meet and be associated with people who share the same passion. Through I Wear Me, we aim to build not customers, but also relationships - a community of art lovers and create experiences that go beyond buying and selling.

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Made from 100% organic and fair trade certified cotton

We are not just a youth t-shirt brand but also understand the importance of being Eco-conscious and ethical. At I Wear Me, we ensure that our t-shirts are made out of soft and natural 100% certified organic cotton. Even the factories at which we manufacture them are fair trade certified. No chemicals, No harmful dyes, No child labor, No farmer exploitation. Organic cotton and fair trade certification can change your lifestyle. Read more

Shop For Change

Shop for Change Fair Trade is a section 25 Not for Profit Company that closely work with famer groups and artisans and help them with innovative solutions to their problems. I Wear Me merchandise is certified as Fair Trade by Shop for Change.

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