Hina Palkar - Founder of I Wear Me

Hina leads the team at I Wear Me and is instrumental in establishing the brand during its early days. She is passionate  to grow the brand and partner with like minded individuals, factories, artisans, farmer communities and bring about a change in the way fashion works. Hina is a photographer and graphic designer by profession.


Hina’s story
After completing her university, Hina found herself experimenting with various subjects on art, design and photography. Finally she found her calling for photography.
She shoots portraits and streets and her love for exploring the human emotions through lens is incomparable. Hina has an eye for every detail be it in design or business decisions. Today, apart from pursuing her love for photography, she holds the fort at I Wear Me steering towards building a more ethical and Eco-conscious fashion brand.







Ashwin Palkar - Co- Founder of I Wear Me

Ashwin is a co-founder and managing partner at I Wear Me, an ethical fashion brand that promotes and supports fair trade and organic cotton clothing. He is committed towards creating a larger social impact by improving livelihoods, safeguarding environment and working towards creating a sustainable fashion Eco-system. Ashwin is a design and branding consultant by profession and has had an opportunity to work with some of the well known brands on various advertising and branding projects.


Ashwin's’s story
A cricket lover and a student of the game, his passion for the cricket took him from playing club cricket to representing India at university levels. The advertising bug bit him during the university days and he found himself his new love. Advertising and design has been Ashwin’s forte throughout his career. Today, he is experimenting with mixing art and fashion at I Wear Me. He believes design and creativity along with ethical fashion can bring a refreshing and a much needed change in the fashion industry.